Friday, May 6, 2011


Hello From Bangkok , I am in Bangkok now.This is a Bangkok photo diary , After I've been here a week . I went to Jatujak weekend market last weekend which is one of my favorite place in Bangkok , There are million of vintage stuff from top to toe , LEVI'S Jeans , Vintage T-shirts , Shoes , Bags & Accessories and Local Craft like Bags , Scarf , Fine Jewelery and Furniture ,  When i was a bit younger , I was so crazy about shopping at this market but now I feel like , There are a lot more inspirations from this market . I love to see People and also do love shopping  but not crazy like I was . You can walk , eat , enjoy and maybe getting something you never expected but at the moment , it is 35 degree in Bangkok , It is super  hot , I wish if it was cooler this place would be perfect :) , Thanks for " Anything goes vintage " for letting me took some photo ( pictures 10-12 ) , Also  there is one the local brand which I am a loooonnggg term fan " SODA " , They have launched new store at Central World Department Store , I love your new store " Free Me ".....and I had done a little bit shopping this time :) .... I got the little shiny peace ring from Matina Amanita , I really really really love it .....Enjoy and Have a nice weekend.

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