Tuesday, August 2, 2011


“Some people, rather than being of-the-moment are in fact of-the-always. Be it the way they dress, how they shake their hips or the manner by which they sing their story. Indeed it happens in life, once in a while, that some people’s ways are completely unforgettable. They are the ones who revolutionize aesthetics, movements and sensibilities often unbeknown to themselves at the time.”
 (worte by Stevie Dance from Editor's Letter Russh iisue 40)

I was late about Stevie Dance leaving Russh Magazine , To be honest , I had a tear , it was shocked and surprised me. I have been really enjoyed and appreciated  over her works ( in Russh ) , for me , Stevie dance is different , I do love her work and her attitude .With her amazing talent , She's created and inspired such Natural , Wonderful , Stylish of her works . I would say that Stevie Dance is kind of , Idol and The dream to me , Stevie Dance shows me a truly meaning of " Being yourself ", and I found myself  " who I really want to be ". 

... TO Stevie dance , I did send you a X'mas greeting card last year and would love to send it to you every year , The reason why I had a tear is , Where will you be ? How Can I keep in touch with your work ? I used to see you every 2 months , and every single time I have your works in my hands , It always give me so much energy and getting to know myself ( When I was a student I had a shity part-time job , and when I opened Russh and read "Editor's Letter", It gave me a very powerful inspiration. Atleast , now I am who I wanted to be and trying my best to pursue my dream ...... Anyway, Whatever you do next , I am very happy for you .... wish you all the best Stevie Dance xoxo

ps. To Stevie Dance again , If you accidental stop by to read this post , Could you please send me any address,your neighbor address or whatever address,where I can post you a postcard,Please? :)

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